as the snow

i say let go
but hold on tight
just not too tight --it will be
be alright
as we fly
i am talking to myself, as the snow
flies like shrapnel
i am blinded and i smile
at the sting
of everything coming back to me now

i-- i am an orphan
the natural order
casts a new light where i stand
king of the hill
feeling the chill
and i offer you my hand
for what it’s worth
the blessing, the curse
the things that i don’t understand
i give them to you
to hold onto
as you wave look back at me now

we go up to come down
aimless and free
i pull you close to let go
i will not slow you down

i hold on tight
as you let go
i am waving as you fly
you’ll be alright, i’ll be alright
i am talking to myself
as the sun pushes through
casting colors and the time
flies with you
nothing i do will bring it
back to me now

we go up to come down.....

© 2007 Sally Dworsky / Chris Hickey